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O Magnum Mysterium (composed by Morten Lauridsen)

Although 2020 has been incredibly difficult for many in the performing arts, we were happy that we could find a way to come together and share our recording of this profoundly beautiful work. Audio and video recorded individually from our homes during the fall of 2020 and assembled by our own Abby Lannan and Taylor Jones. 

Tico Tico w/ Buddy Deshler, solo trumpet

Recorded at the historic Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in 2019, we were thrilled to have another opportunity to work with Buddy and Marcus. At the moment, this is our most popular video with over 125,000 views!

Grand Russian Fantasia w/ Buddy Deshler, solo cornet 


Our very first released video and our first project with Buddy Deshler and Marcus Grant. Marcus did a phenomenal job with the arrangement and Buddy nailed the difficult solo part. Recorded in the spring of 2016.

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