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Educational Outreach

In addition to performing, we are always looking for new ways to connect with and support young brass players. As part of our educational outreach initiative, The Brass Roots are visiting school districts in the region to work with brass students at a reduced or waived cost. 

The Brass Roots offer performances, masterclasses, informational presentations, mini-lessons, coachings, and 

pre-college talks for students interested in continuing their musical experiences in college.

Student Testimonials

"I loved how after each song they would explain the main points of the song. They not only gave the history of the piece, but also the musical aspects. Besides the aspect of learning, it was great entertainment with amazing performers."

Shawn D

"I really enjoyed the song choices that the group played, and it was cool to hear a chamber type of group because it’s something that we have talked about in our band class at school, so it was cool to see that type of ensemble in real life."

Melanie S

"Great sound and even better personalities."

Oliver S

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